Ted Cruz Gets Called Out On CNN For His Hypocrisy On Syrian Immigrants

One of the biggest opponents of immigration, especially when it comes to Syrian refugees, has been GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Along with other conservative pundits and politicians, he has made a big deal out of the possibility that Islamic terrorists could somehow slip through the screening and launch attacks here in the United States. […]

Bernie Sanders Is Right, America Was Founded On ‘Racist Principles’

Senator Bernie Sanders made a campaign stop at right-wing evangelical Christian Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia after which he made a statement that will anger a lot of conservatives. The fact that a Democratic presidential candidate would even appear at a private school that is to the right of Fox News when it comes to […]

Louisiana Justice Jefferson D. Hughes Defies Supreme Court And Implies Gay People Are Pedophiles

While the United States Supreme Court may have ruled in favor of marriage equality, Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jefferson Hughes, along with a few of his colleagues, isn’t too happy about it. Yesterday, the Louisiana Supreme Court finally conceded that in the case of Costanza v. Caldwell, “the State of Louisiana may not bar same-sex couples […]

Bobby Jindal Doesn’t Have A Chance, So Why Is He Running For President?

Every time I think that Bobby Jindal couldn’t possibly do something any more ridiculous, he manages to think of something to top his previous performance. Whether it has been issuing an executive order to allow businesses and government employees to discriminate against the LGBT community, or signing a law to protect oil companies like BP […]

GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman: Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Offensive’ To Civil War Dead

One of the more ridiculous arguments made by Confederate flag supporters is that if the flag that stood for opposition to desegregation and the Civil Rights Act is offensive to black Americans, then the gay pride flag should be banned because it is offensive to Christians. Yes, there really are people saying this all over […]

The Texas GOP Is Preparing To Fight The Federal Government On Gay Marriage

While many states are grudgingly joining the 21st century on the issue of gay marriage, others states like Alabama and Texas are going all in and thumbing their noses at the federal government. The Supreme Court is widely expected to hand down a ruling next month which will likely sweep aside all remaining laws across […]

Ted Cruz Says Gay Marriage Is Dangerous To American Liberty

Ted Cruz just won’t give up. Like many other conservative Republicans who can’t let go of the issue of marriage equality, he refuses to see the writing on wall that gay marriage is rapidly becoming the law of the land. This summer, the Supreme Court is expected to rule that the remaining bans on same-sex […]

Oklahoma Conservatives Have A New Plan To Stop Gay Marriage

The endless hissy fits over marriage equality by religious conservatives and the politicians who pander to them just won’t end. As we edge closer and closer to a decision by the Supreme Court which is expected to end discrimination against same-sex couples across the United States, state lawmakers are scrambling to find other ways to […]

Breaking: First Same-Sex Marriage Performed In Texas

Sarah Goodfriend and Suzanne Bryant have been together for almost thirty one years. Thursday morning, after being denied a marriage license in Travis County, Texas eight years ago, Sarah and Suzanne said “I do,” surrounded by friends and family, including their two teenage daughters. Travis County clerk Dana DeBeauvoir was ordered by Judge David Wahlberg to issue the […]

An Alabama Redneck Reports On How Gay Marriage Has Impacted Him (Video)

I usually don’t care much about viral videos, but this one was worth watching. A redneck reporting on how same-sex marriage legalization in Alabama has affected his county? Most people would hear the words “Alabama” and “redneck” and instantly assume this was going to be a hateful rant about how gay people are destroying the […]