Donald Trump: We Should ‘Strongly Consider’ Shutting Down Some Mosques In America

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, the anti-Islam rhetoric has been cranked up to 11. As usual, the right-wing conservative media is abuzz with false stories, including one that claims 10,000 Syrian refugees arrived in New Orleans to be resettled throughout the country. It wasn’t a surprise when Donald Trump decided to leverage […]

The First Amendment Was Intended To Protect Us From The Religious Right

Freedom of religion (and from it) was so vital to our Founding Fathers that they made it a key part of the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Religious freedom is what this country was originally founded on, and the Puritans demonstrated for us why the separation of church and state is so important […]

Bobby Jindal Wants To Shut Down The Supreme Court After Marriage Equality Ruling

If you’re a right-wing conservative, today capped off what was a very, very bad week for you. You know what? I kind of feel sorry for you. It must be hard taking so many legal body blows in such a short period, especially for those of you who thought god was on your side. The […]

NC GOP Commissioner: Non-Christian Prayers Forbidden At County Meetings

To hear people like North Carolina’s Lincoln County Board of Commissioners chairman Carrol Mitchem tell it, right-wing Christians are a persecuted class here in the United States. It’s as if they can’t come together to worship Jesus in a house of prayer without police there to protect their service from armed gunmen coming to attack […]

The Texas Shooting Is Not The Same As The Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Have you ever noticed that conservatives love to talk about their rights under the Constitution being infringed? Just go to any of their websites and they will talk about how liberals and President Obama are trying to take away their First and Second Amendment rights until they’re blue in the face from typing out caps-locked […]

Arizona State Sen. Sylvia Allen Says Church Attendance Should Be Mandatory

Every time we turn around, another conservative member of a state legislature is proposing some insane and often unconstitutional law. Now a state senator from Arizona has stated that attending church should be mandatory because of the “moral erosion of the soul of America” – and in the meantime, everyone should be allowed to carry […]

Kansas GOP Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook Wants To Criminalize “Harmful” Books

A Republican senator in Kansas, Mary Pilcher-Cook, has introduced a bill to the state house to amend the current public morals standard. Senate Bill 56 would, according to The Courthouse News Service, “…¬†amend Kansas’ public morals statute by deleting an exemption that protects K-12 public, private and parochial schoolteachers from being prosecuted for presenting material […]

Tennessee Republican Wants To Make The Bible The Official State Book

When I see these headlines, I always say to myself “please don’t let it be Louisiana, please don’t let it be Louisiana, please don’t let it be Louisiana!” as I go to click the link. After all, with Bobby Jindal running the state (when he’s not off on yet another Iowa visit), you never know […]

Glenn Beck To Face Defamation Lawsuit Involving Boston Marathon Bombing

Far too often, people get confused when citing the 1st Amendment and believe that like their understanding of the 2nd Amendment, their rights are unlimited. Take for example the folks behind Open Carry Texas and other organizations who initially were carrying weapons into places like Starbucks that were not accepting of guns inside of their […]

Texas State Sen. Charles Perry Says Separation Of Church And State Is Like The Holocaust

In politics, few things are more ridiculous than comparing your political opponents to Hitler or the Nazis. Whether you’re a liberal, conservative, libertarian or anything else, nothing says hyperbole like proving Godwin’s Law right off the bat. This is a problem with all political movements, especially when you’re catering to low-information voters and screaming about […]