Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Converts the Comets

Hi, I’m Pastor Pillow. Oh, it’s you! Thank God you made it! Literally. Praise to Him who provides us Toyota Land Cruisers! Do you have to pee? Are you sure? It’s going to be your final void in 9.78 m/s² gravity, so I might take advantage of that, if I were you. Good call. Here, […]

Greg Abbott Refused to Answer Whether or Not He Would Have Supported Ending Bans on Interracial Marriage

There are many questions we can be asked that don’t have a simple “yes” or “no” answer to them. But then there are those questions that shouldn’t be difficult to answer, such as whether or not interracial marriage should be legal. The answer, unless you’re a racist or a bigot, should clearly be “yes.” Well, not […]

If You Thought The Hobby Lobby Decision Was Bad, It Could Get Even Worse

Today’s Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby was bad, but it isn’t the end of the world like a lot of the media is currently proclaiming. Ideally, all companies would be required to provide any and all types of medical coverage as mandated in the Affordable Care Act, but unfortunately that’s not going to be […]

Greg Abbott Desperately Tries to Slander Wendy Davis by Linking Her With Socialists, Fails Miserably

The word “socialism” is one that strikes fear into the hearts of almost every conservative who hears it.  Which is funny because most conservatives I’ve encountered in my experiences with politics can’t even define the word, but that’s a topic for another discussion. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Republican candidate for governor […]

As Long as Conservatives Have Any Kind of Power, This Country Will Always Struggle

As humans we naturally resist change.  Now that’s not true for everyone, but in general we’re creatures of habit and we often fear the unknown. But when it comes to conservatives, they take this to a whole other level.  Conservatives cling to “the good ol’ days” like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  They fear change […]

This Voter Turnout Graph Shows Another Reason Why the Rich Continue to Control the Country

While both sides constantly complain about money in politics, how terrible our elected officials are and the inefficiencies of our government, the bottom line is we elect these people into office.  Without our votes, most of these politicians would have never been elected. Well, one of the biggest problems we have in this country is […]

Disgusting Tea Party Candidate Said Female Politician Only Got On Ballot Because of Her ‘Boobies’

I’ll admit, I love when I see tea party Republicans and Libertarians clash.  Being that I think they’re both utterly delusional, seeing their craziness collide can be quite entertaining. But what Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel (the tea party candidate for United States Senate) said about one-time Libertarian candidate for Governor of Alabama Loretta Nall was […]

Democrats Must Stop Allowing Republicans to Control the Damn Message!

I think my biggest complaint against Democrats is the fact that they let Republicans control the message far too often.  And if there’s one thing that I’ll say Republicans do well is that they control the message very well.  Both play into each other for slightly different reasons. Democrats far too often appear weak and […]

If Republicans Gain Control of the Senate in 2014, Liberals Only Have Themselves to Blame

I don’t know how many times I’ve stressed the importance of the 2014 midterm elections.  Americans are absolutely sick and tired of the gridlock that’s gone on in Congress and it’s clear that there’s generally one party to blame for most of it – the Republican party. And I’m honestly not saying that in any […]

Wendy Davis Absolutely Hammers Conservatives for Supporting Sexual Predator Ted Nugent

What’s the biggest thing I’ve taken from Wendy Davis’ opponent for Governor of Texas Greg Abbott’s decision to buddy up with admitted sexual predator Ted Nugent for a few campaign stops? It’s okay to admit that you had an addiction to underaged girls as long as you love guns and hate President Obama. Can you […]