Paul Ryan Likely Ended His Career with Cowardly & Hypocritical Trump Endorsement

Many politicians disgust me, but House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) takes things to another level as one of the biggest scumbags and hypocrites in the Republican party. That may seem harsh to some, especially considering Donald Trump is going to be their presidential nominee, but people shouldn’t kid themselves – Paul Ryan is a snake. This is […]

Veterans Group Blasts ‘Cheap Fraud’ Donald Trump for Lying About the Money He Raised

Of all the things Donald Trump has said or done over the course of his campaign, the one thing that I feel exposes the true hypocrisy and ignorance of the average Republican voter was when he mocked Sen. John McCain’s war record, saying that he didn’t consider POWs war heroes because he “likes people who […]

There’s a Better Way: I’m Running for Congress in South Carolina

A Daughter’s View Like every parent, I love my child beyond words.  I want my young daughter to have the best opportunities in a peaceful, industrious world.  I am running to represent the Second Congressional District of South Carolina because I am confident that our District can emerge from “Status Quo” Joe stagnation and work […]

Inspired by Bernie: Let Those Who Can, Run in November ’16

November 2012. There before me, an empty space on the election ballot. Not one progressive had dared oppose the incumbent.  His tenure in office was marred by admitted “inappropriate and regrettable” behavior, yet he ran unchallenged. The blinking cursor thumbed its nose at me, keenly aware that whatever name I wrote in—be it “Johnny Appleseed” […]

How to Be a More Active Presidential Primary Progressive in Six Easy Steps

This list is not intended to be didactic.  Revise it.  Expand it.  Print it and use it as cat litter box liner.  Feel free to do with it as you please.  But I have a feeling it will be helpful to more than a few folks out there who want to make a difference but […]

#HeartBERN / #BERNtheRave, or How to Put Bernie in the White House via the Dance Floor

Bernie Sanders cannot win in South Carolina—or most other states—without your help.  There’s no shame in that, by the way.  Because the Sanders Revolution proudly refuses Wall $treet’s bankroll.  It instead thrives on the efforts of the Common Person.  You. Welcome to the Compassionate Political Revolution!  There is no closed-circuit TV overflow room.  You are the […]

Why I Am Voting for Bernie Sanders, by Way of Cornel West: Be a Hope

Mom fell into the donut hole months ago, but she never told me.  Then she fell even harder—and the call came that she was headed to the hospital by ambulance. In the emergency room, the doctor asked my mom why she hadn’t been taking her medicine.  A screwy look appeared on her face—the question prompted […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Wines and Dines all the Presidential Elephants

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Thank you for joining me this evening at Kiawah Island Golf Resort’s Ocean Room.  I realize everyone is surprised to see one another again so soon after that grueling Charleston debate.  Governor Christie, now-now, no stink-eye stare at Dr. Carson.  Here, have some North Carolina osetra imperial caviar before you gobble […]

Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Has A Plan To ‘Make America Great Again’

While Republican presidential candidates are stoking the fears of conservative voters, Bernie Sanders is proposing real ideas to fix the problems facing our country. Bernie Sanders was in Nevada earlier this week and spoke in an interview where he laid out the issues America faces, like income inequality and the high cost of going to […]

Donald Trump’s Spokeswoman Calls Hillary Clinton Supporters ‘Little Girls’

From the beginning, I have firmly positioned myself as a supporter of Bernie Sanders for president. I’ve been to one of his rallies, written a number of articles supporting him, and have even donated to his campaign. While I understand he has a long way to go to secure the Democratic nomination, that hasn’t diminished […]