Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow Whips Huckabee and The Donald Into Biblical Shape

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! First, I want to thank each and every one of you Republican Presidential Candidates for coming here today. Second, I suppose we should thank Brother Bear for allowing us to use his ministerial facilities for this special training session. We didn’t think it would be a good idea to attract too […]

Bernie Sanders Makes The Case For More Democratic Debates

The first Republican debate was a ratings victory for Fox News. Perhaps it was the fact that like me, many viewers tuned in just to witness the inevitable drama that erupted between the Fox News hosts and Donald Trump. Currently, the 2016 Republican Primaries have a total of 12 events that were scheduled. Democrats only […]

Tens Of Thousands Of People Call For Jon Stewart To Moderate 2016 Presidential Debate

I am a firm believer that petitions don’t change much when it comes to politics and government (or having world leaders tried for war crimes), but sometimes they do have an effect on companies and their decisions, because corporations depend on supplying what their customers demand. Petitions can be a gauge of public sentiment, although […]

Marco Rubio Says That Banning Abortions In All Cases Is In The Constitution

Marco Rubio had a chance last night to distinguish himself from the rest of the candidates on stage in the Republican debate. While Chris Christie and Rand Paul went at it over the NSA, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee dreamed of a war with Iran, and Donald Trump slung rhetorical feces at everyone, Marco Rubio […]

This Study Shows How Hard It Will Be For A Republican To Win The White House

Whether or not Donald Trump’s candidacy is real, a conspiracy with the Clintons to sabotage Republican chances, or just an elaborate piece of political performance art – the GOP is in serious trouble with Latino voters. Granted, they’ve managed to make themselves unpalatable to nearly everyone except white conservative voters, but the anti-immigration rhetoric coming […]

Republicans Threaten to Blackmail Major News Networks Because of Hillary Clinton

Just when you think Republicans can’t act any more childish or ridiculous–you realize today’s a new day. Sometimes I really wonder to myself what life is like inside the GOP circus.  Is there music?  Do they have a big spinning wheel that they throw darts at to come up with their next “plan of action?” […]