Trump’s Response to Russian Indictments Proves He Couldn’t Care Less About Defending This Country

In a rather stunning, though not-at-all unexpected move, on Friday it was revealed that special counselor Robert Mueller issued indictments for 13 Russians and three Russia-backed agencies for being part of a deliberate and calculated cyber attack against this country during the 2016 election. This news, of course, completely debunks the commonly-used talking point from […]

There’s a Huge Aspect to the Russia Facebook Ads Story that Needs to Be Discussed

It’s no secret that Russia was heavily involved in trying to influence last year’s election. While we’ve known about the cyber attacks launched against the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it wasn’t until fairly recently that we learned Russia operatives had spent at least $100k buying ads on Facebook targeting certain people, demographics, groups, and […]

The B.S. I Witnessed on Wednesday is Exactly Why Trump Might Become Our Next President

I’ve been predicting it for weeks, and now it’s plainly obvious: The media is doing its best to make the 2016 presidential election as close as possible because they need drama to drive ratings. And with Hillary Clinton approaching double-digit leads over Donald Trump just a few weeks ago, I knew the media was going […]

Here are 5 of the Biggest Lies the Media Needs to Stop Letting Donald Trump Get Away With

It’s been building for a while, but lately I’ve hit my limit when it comes to the media’s handling of Donald Trump’s campaign. They’ve been discussing his ridiculous behavior and vile comments — a lot — but they’re still not treating him how they do other politicians. Without a doubt, Trump is one of the most […]

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough Show Us Exactly Why Donald Trump Might Win (Video)

At least every other day someone asks me whether or not I think Donald Trump can win in November – to which I always insist that he absolutely can and they should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Especially considering we’re already into September and the media has done its best to […]

Here’s Why the Media is Desperately Trying to Push Anti-Clinton Conspiracies

I know it’s popular to attack the mainstream media, but I usually give them the benefit of the doubt because I don’t really blame them — I blame us. As consumers, cable news networks (and practically all media entities that generate revenue) are only giving us what we tell them we want — via website traffic, […]

Russia is Trying to Help Elect Donald Trump For One Very Simple and Terrifying Reason

Mounting evidence continues to indicate that the hacks (some successful, some not) that have targeted not only the DNC, but many levels of the Democratic party, were orchestrated by Russians – more specifically, Russia’s government. We saw some of the results of this illegal hacking surface a few weeks ago when Wikileaks published nearly 20k […]

Here’s Why Dan Rather’s Takedown of Donald Trump is Actually a Fairly Big Deal

Tuesday evening, iconic journalist Dan Rather posted a scathing takedown of Donald Trump. While it’s not exactly shocking that Rather isn’t a fan of “The Donald,” it’s what he said that was incredibly profound. It’s one thing if he simply opposed Trump because he doesn’t like his policies, economic plan or what he says he’s going to do […]

Here’s a List of Facts Debunking Anti-Hillary Clinton Myths, Lies & Ridiculous Conspiracies

Being a Hillary Clinton supporter isn’t always easy. Not because I question my support of her, but because literally hundreds of millions of dollars (over nearly a quarter century) has been spent trying to slander her name. The list of conspiracies, misinformation, lies and ridiculous propaganda people use to attack her is seemingly endless. Not a joke: […]

Here’s the Real Reason Why Petulant Child Donald Trump is Already Whining About the Debates

In case you’ve been busy over the last couple of days, it’s possible you’ve missed Donald Trump’s whining about the dates of the upcoming presidential debates this fall. Before going forward, for those interested, here they are: Monday, September 26th Sunday, October 9th Wednesday, October 19th There’s also the vice presidential debate scheduled on Tuesday, October […]