It Looks Inevitable, Donald Trump Will Eventually Be The Republican Nominee

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, many political pundits, myself included, wrote his campaign off as a joke. While it may have been a publicity stunt to begin with, it is becoming more and more apparent that Trump intends to become the GOP nominee and face off against Bernie Sanders […]

Donald Trump Is Now Using Ted Cruz’s Canadian Birth Against Him

From the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign, he and Ted Cruz have had what seems to be an unspoken agreement between the two not to attack each other. As a result, they’ve managed to isolate the rest of the field as candidates like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson have soared in the polls, only to […]

New Poll Suggests A Possible Threat To Donald Trump’s Campaign In New Hampshire

Over the last few months, much of the media’s attention has been focused on the insane antics of Donald Trump. Many GOP candidates have unsuccessfully tried to take him down, much to the dismay of establishment Republicans. The current thinking is that if he or Ted Cruz win the party’s nomination, they will not only […]

Ted Cruz’s Cockeyed Christmas Commercial Is Completely Appalling

Senator Ted Cruz has been sneaking up on Donald Trump in the polls, and leads him in Iowa, which is the first state in the Republican primaries. As Ben Carson has repeatedly blundered, his poll numbers have dwindled rapidly – to the benefit of Ted Cruz. On Friday, a video was uploaded to Ted Cruz’s […]

Ted Cruz Is Carefully Waiting For Donald Trump To Fall

I’ve been saying for some time now that Senator Ted Cruz is riding in Donald Trump’s tailwind. Unlike other presidential candidates, Ted Cruz has made it a point not to directly criticize Trump. When their views appear to differ, Cruz has said things along the lines that they have different ideas, but has carefully avoided […]

Here’s How Mitt Romney Could Be The Republican Nominee Again In 2016

Mitt Romney as the GOP’s nominee in 2016 may seem surprising, considering the fact that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the top two candidates currently in the primary race. While political pundits have predicted that Trump’s shelf life has passed its expiration date with his absurd comments about immigrants, Muslims and women, there isn’t […]

Republicans Are Failing Horribly At Attracting Minority Voters

If Republicans want to remain politically viable over the next few election cycles, they must confront the fact that the ethnic landscape of America is changing. In the last few years since Mitt Romney embarrassingly lost 83% of the minority vote, they have tried to promote minority candidates as proof that they are not out […]

To Avoid Political Extinction, The GOP Must Stop Donald Trump

Donald Trump is still wildly popular with Republican primary voters, and although there are signs he will eventually implode, he’s doing irreparable harm to the GOP. Trump has been drawing large crowds of supporters, and some of his campaign rallies have turned violent – an issue he has refused to condemn. The Republican Party would […]

Congressman Alan Grayson’s Birther Campaign Against Ted Cruz Is Disgraceful

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson is an interesting character. Representing my old liberal 9th District in Congress, Alan Grayson has made a career of being controversial, and also working across party lines with libertarian Republicans on a number of issues. I admire most of what Alan Grayson has done for Democrats and Florida, but his latest […]

Ben Carson Compares Syrian Refugees To ‘Rabid Dogs’

Presidential candidate Ben Carson has begun his decline in the polls after a rough couple of weeks of intense scrutiny of his biography. In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, Donald Trump has taken a solid lead once again with his anti-immigration rhetoric which has played well with Republican primary voters. So, if you were […]