Jeb Bush Points Out How Badly Our Economy Faltered During His Father And Brother’s Presidencies

Jeb Bush accidentally bashed his father and brother’s presidential legacies yesterday – and basically said President Obama’s administration was doing a better job on the economy at the same time. Recently, Republicans have started up their usual refrain of complaining about government regulations and it’s been unintentionally backfiring on them – as we saw with […]

If the “American Dream” is Truly Dead, Corporate Greed is What Killed It

Raising the minimum wage, job creation and income inequality have been hot button topics for a while now, and rightfully so. ┬áIt seems like nearly every week we hear news about the rise in the number of Americans relying on welfare since the recession, yet we also hear about corporate profits reaching record highs and […]

The Republican Party — Subjugating the 99% to the Will of the 1%

It should come as no surprise that in America the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I could cite hundreds of studies that prove this, but I find it unnecessary as anyone with a half a brain and a PC can figure it out on their own. Nonetheless, the distribution of […]