New Year’s Resolution: To Find Better Insults

It never fails. When the progressive press features an image or story of yet another Sarah Palin, Duck Dynasty, Tea Party, Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the insults flail. The fact that they’re being insulted isn’t the problem, though. It’s how they’re insulted – using terms consisting of ¬†words like ‘stupid,’ ‘crazy,’ ‘schizo,’ ¬†‘insane,’ […]

Marco Rubio Thinks Employers Should Be Able to Fire Employees for Being Gay. Here’s Why…

When conservatives use the term “special protections” or “protected class,” they are referring to the idea that marginalized and oppressed people are getting special rights that the rest of us (read: white/hetero/cis/Christian/able-bodied/wealthy/male people or any combination of such privileges) aren’t privy to. That’s largely because they are either ignorant of or ignoring the vast array […]