Rand Paul Joins “Obamacare” Hypocrite Mitch McConnell in Suggesting Kentucky Might Keep ACA

When I was younger, and trying to decide which political party represented me the best, I can remember the first thing that always seemed to annoy me about Republicans was their blatant hypocrisy.  I’d see them talk about being “fiscally conservative,” yet they always ran up giant deficits whenever they controlled the White House.  I […]

On Obamacare, The GOP Cares About Winning – Not Americans

Brace yourself. I know this will come as a shock, but… Republicans really don’t like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it has come to be more commonly known. I know, unthinkable, right? I’m sure they have their reasons. Maybe it’s because they don’t like the President taking their old ideas […]

Insurance Execs Embarrass Republicans During Hearing by Debunking Key Anti-ACA Talking Point

The Republican propaganda against the Affordable Care Act is seemingly endless.  It’s like I’ve said before, I’ve forgotten more of it than I can even remember.  Be it the ridiculous “death panels” or the lie that it’s a government takeover of the health care system, Republicans have continually spouted off lie after lie when it […]

A Breakdown of Some of the Asinine Conspiracy Theories Conservatives Have Used Against Obama

Most of us know that conservatives are professional conspiracy theorists.  In the past I’ve joked that they must really believe President Obama is the most powerful president in United States history considering the amount of conspiracies they’ve alleged he’s successfully perpetrated. But conspiracy theorists always make me laugh because they believe all of these asinine […]

Koch-Backed Americans For Prosperity Once Again Caught Lying in Another Ad Bashing ACA

It’s the line many liberals use when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, “If the truth about the health care law is so terrible, why do conservatives constantly lie about it?” We’ve seen time and time again these Koch-backed ads trying to bash “Obamacare” actually backfire when the people featured in them ended up […]

Florida Governor Rick Scott Tries to Get 20 Seniors to Bash the ACA, Gets Completely Embarrassed Instead

Every time I write anything about Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, I still can’t believe this guy won his election.  It’s bad enough he was CEO of a company that was found guilty of defrauding hundreds of millions of dollars from Medicare.  One would think that would have disqualified him from having any chance at winning, […]

This is Why Kathleen Sebelius’ Abrupt Resignation is a Brilliant Move by the Obama Administration

I’ll admit when I first heard the news that Kathleen Sebelius was resigning, I was disappointed.  The first thought that went through my mind was, “Great, now Republicans can use this to ratchet up their propaganda.”  But I reminded myself that knee-jerk reactions are usually wrong, and I thought about it a little more. Then suddenly […]

No Matter How Successful the ACA Becomes, Republicans Have No Choice But to Keep Lying About It

It’s no secret that Republicans have based a large part of their party’s platform on being against the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.  Before it was even law, millions of dollars were being spent by various conservative groups to slander and sabotage the bill. After all these years of bashing the health care […]

The Daily-Ish: The ACA’s Non-Existent “Death Spiral,” Benghazi (Again!?), Prison Rape, and Paul Ryan’s “New” (Old) Budget

Welcome to my new column, The Daily-Ish. I’m sure you’re wondering what this new column is all about. Ok maybe you aren’t wondering, but I am going to tell you anyway. As the name implies, it will be published daily-ish, which is essentially a fancy way of me saying a few times a week (hopefully) when […]

Republican State Senator: Obamacare and Gay Marriage Are Deadlier than Nazis and Terrorists

North Carolina State Senator Bob Rucho (R) doesn’t know how memes work, apparently. So he took to the Twitter Machines the other day to make this weird statement: Justice Robert’s pen & Obamacare has done more damage to the USA then the swords of the Nazis,Soviets & terrorists combined. I mean, there are all sorts of technical […]