10 Questions I Want Those Defending Adrian Peterson’s Brutal Beating of His 4-Year-Old Son to Answer

Since the news broke about Adrian Peterson’s indictment on charges that he brutally beat his 4-year-old son with a wooden stick, I’ve been both shocked and appalled at how many people have actually come out in defense of his horrific actions. While I understand that corporal punishment is often a controversial topic, I honestly didn’t […]

Vikings Prove How Pathetic They Are Following Latest Move to Address Peterson’s Brutal Beating of Son

Early this morning we learned that the Minnesota Vikings reversed course on allowing Adrian Peterson to play this Sunday, putting him on an exemption list until the matter is resolved. Meaning that he’s barred from all team activities until then. Though if you listened to Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman and Head Coach Mike Zimmer the […]

Sean Hannity Voices Bizarre and Awful Defense of Child Abuse (Audio)

It’s not at all surprising to see most folks over at Fox News coming to Adrian Peterson’s defense when it comes to his brutal whipping of his 4-year-old son. A beating for which he’s been indicted by a grand jury on charges of child abuse. But leave it to Sean Hannity to take defending child […]

Coach’s Disgusting Defense of Adrian Peterson: If Family Member ‘Has Cancer, You Don’t Turn Your Back On Them. You Keep Fighting For Them.’

Perhaps you’ve heard that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted on charges that he abused his 4-year-old son when he brutally beat him with a tree branch until the young child bled with wounds on his back, thighs, groin and hands. And if you’ve been following this story at all, you know […]

Exposing the Ignorance of Those Defending Adrian Peterson’s Brutal Abuse of his 4-Year-Old Son

By now I think it’s safe to say most people have heard about the instances of domestic violence committed by Ray Rice and the charges that have been filed against Adrian Peterson for child abuse. The situation with Rice is fairly clear cut. He brutally punched his then-fiancée in the face during a drunken argument […]

I Have a Few Words for Those Defending the Violent Abuse of a 4-Year-Old by Adrian Peterson

Where do I even begin? While I understand that spanking a child as a form of discipline can often be a controversial topic, I really never thought I’d see the day where people were supporting the blatant, and disgusting, abuse of a 4-year-old boy. But that’s exactly what I’ve seen. If you haven’t heard by […]