Duck Dynasty Season Finale Rating Lowest Since First Season

Whether or not you’re a conservative or a liberal, the funny thing about reality is that it’s real whether you want to believe in it or not.  It’s a line often used when talking about those who don’t believe in science.  People can deny things like evolution all they want, but that doesn’t change the […]

News Gets Worse for Duck Dynasty: Ratings Continue to Plummet, Lowest Levels Since Season 2

This probably isn’t exactly what the Robertson family thought was going to happen.  Following the ignorant interview Phil Robertson gave last month to GQ Magazine and his subsequent “suspension” from A&E (for about a week), tens of millions of Ducky Dynasty supporters rushed to the defense of Robertson and his “right to free speech.” Even […]

The Power of Ignorance: Duck Dynasty Ratings Plummet After Phil Robertson Comments

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure most of you heard about the “scandal” last month involving Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his controversial comments about African-Americans and homosexuals. And as many of you already know, A&E promptly “suspended” Phil Robertson (I think it lasted about a week) for his comments. This, of […]

A&E “Shockingly” Reinstates Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, Offers Pathetic Explanation Why

Well, anyone who didn’t see this coming was clearly fooling themselves.  It seems the “indefinite” suspension A&E handed down to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson lasted — less than a week.  But is anyone really surprised? Most of the people who watch Duck Dynasty — and buy all the crap that goes along with it — […]

The Duck Dynasty Controversy is the Dumbest Controversy of the Year

Over the last few days, it seems like every other post I’ve seen on social media has been about the asinine statements made by the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty TV show, Phil Robertson. To be fair, we’ve done quite a number of articles (this is my second, and last) on it as well, in […]

Dear Phil Robertson Supporters: I’ve Got a Few Words for Your “Christian Values”

Dear Phil Robertson Supporters: I’ve hit my patience limit with you people.  Most of you are completely unhinged. First, let me point out a fun fact — Duck Dynasty is a pointless show.  It’s about absolutely nothing.  Yes, it can be funny at times, but the show has absolutely no real purpose aside from mindless […]

Bill O’Reilly Claims Phil Robertson Was Suspended to “Marginalize a Christian Who Has a Big Platform”

Who would have ever thought that one individual facing repercussions for ridiculous comments would cause such a ruckus?  But the suspension of Phil Robertson has left the news world with no shortage of opinions or asinine comments to cover, considering how just about everyone has voiced an opinion about the situation. I still just can’t […]

Louisiana Governor Jindal Weighs In on Duck Dynasty Suspension, Shows Off His Ignorance

If there’s one thing this Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty situation has shown me, it’s that people really just don’t understand the concept of “freedom of speech.” Our Constitutionally-protected freedom of speech means that as private citizens, we’re free to express our opinions on almost anything we want without fear of legal persecution. That being […]

An Open Letter to Phil Robertson

Dear Phil Robertson, On many a Wednesday night, we’ll flip on over to “Duck Dynasty” on A&E during dinner – but no more. You see, while I’m a Southerner who owns guns and loves the outdoors, I’m also a firm believer in gay rights and oppose hate speech. While I’m sure most members of the […]

Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty and Why His Suspension Isn’t an Attack on Free Speech

Oh man, the moment I saw this story I just knew people were going to flip out.  The extremely popular show Duck Dynasty had one of its popular cast members suspended for remarks he made during an interview with GQ magazine.  Many are calling Phil Robertson’s comments “homophobic,” but at the very least they were […]