There’s a Better Way: Remarks to the South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Committee

Good evening.  My name is Arik Bjorn. I sense relief in the room.  “So that’s how he pronounces his name.” BJORN is Norwegian for bear.  And that is precisely the animal that represents my pending campaign against “Status Quo” Joe Wilson.  Grizzly, not koala. MAKE NO MISTAKE:  The Wilson Dynasty will fall once and for […]

There’s a Better Way:  Remarks to the 2016 South Carolina Democratic Party Convention

This is an expanded version of Arik Bjorn’s remarks delivered at the podium to the South Carolina Democratic Party. Good afternoon.  My name is Arik Bjorn. When you find yourself preaching to the choir, sometimes you just have to sing your heart out.  Let’s belt a bit, shall we? When the dust of Campaign 2016 […]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Hammers Trickle-Down Economics At Labor Summit

A couple of years ago when I still had my old page “Whiskey and the Morning After Blog,” I created this image about trickle-down economics which quickly went viral. In it, I addressed two of the tired old talking points I hear from conservatives ad nauseam which are that trickle-down economics works and that President […]