President Obama Isn’t Responsible For ISIS Or Leaving Iraq

It was announced yesterday that President Obama had authorized the use of air strikes against ISIS in Iraq. As usual, I made the mistake of reading the comments on our local news station, KATC. The remarks ranged from blaming President Obama for withdrawing from Iraq too soon, to the usual questioning of his birth certificate, […]

It’s Official — the Republican Party Has Now Become the “American Taliban”

For years now, liberals have referred to the tea party as the “American Taliban” for their policies which almost certainly would devastate millions of Americans. ┬áBut for the most part I’ve refused to call them that because, while their partisan obstruction was obvious, the comparisons just seemed a little too radical for me. Well, not […]

Al-Qaeda Threat Closes U.S. Embassies in 22 Countries–Possible “Surgically Implanted” Devices Being Used

According to a report from ABC News, U.S. embassies in 22 countries have been closed due to what one official called a “very active” threat. While specific details of the potential threat aren’t being openly discussed by security officials, it’s being called “big” and a “significant” threat from al-Qaeda. Details about the possible kind of […]