Roy Moore Now Begging for Money on Social Media to Fight Victim’s Lawsuit Against Him

While his name hasn’t been in the headlines for a few weeks, that hasn’t stopped failed Republican Senate candidate — and child predator — Roy Moore from thinking that he’s still relevant. Lashing out on Facebook, Moore went on one of his usual absurd, conspiracy-driven rants where he essentially was begging his supporters for money […]

The 5 Biggest Losers From the Embarrassing Roy Moore Debacle in Alabama

When Donald Trump and most of the Republican Party decided to go all-in on Roy Moore, they took one of the biggest gambles in political history. Shockingly, the party of “family values” figured that getting Moore’s vote was worth trying to elect a credibly accused child predator to the United States Senate. They lost. However, […]

Roy Moore Lost, but That Doesn’t Absolve Republicans From Supporting a Child Molester

To the Republicans out there, especially those in Alabama, who refused to support or vote for credibly accused child molester Roy Moore, let me simply say thank you. Thank you for restoring at least some of my faith in the humanity that does exist within at least a few Republicans. We probably won’t ever agree […]

Alabama Voters Do The Right Thing, Send Doug Jones to Senate and Roy Moore Packing

I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m surprised. While the results were going to be much closer than they would have normally been, I still fully expected accused child molester Roy Moore to become our next United States senator. Thankfully, that’s not the case. For me, this race wasn’t about politics — though it’s clear to scumbags […]

Ex-Breitbart Staffer Rips GOP for Claiming to Care About Children While Supporting Roy Moore (Video)

I think it’s safe to say that pretty much anyone who’s once worked for Breitbart isn’t someone who can be labeled as “liberally biased.” Not to say that every single person there is a hardcore right-wing nut job, but they definitely work for a website that panders to those types of people. So when I […]

Donald Trump and Roy Moore Epitomize Everything Wrong With the Republican Party

As someone who’s lived in Texas my entire life, I’ve seen firsthand the hypocritical and contradictory nature of your typical conservative. It’s probably the main reason why I’ve opposed nearly everything Republicans have stood for my entire life. It’s not because I was “raised to be a progressive,” it’s because their hypocrisy and ignorance was […]

5 Questions Roy Moore’s Spokeswoman Couldn’t Answer During Must-See Interview (Video)

Something I’ve said a lot here lately is that when someone is forced to defend the indefensible, yet tries to anyway, that’s when you’re going to get some incredibly outlandish answers or excuses to rather simple questions. A great example of what I mean took place Wednesday night when a spokesperson for Roy Moore was […]

Here’s What Happened Recently When an Elected Democrat Was Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teenagers

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, like many others, I mocked the idea. Not because I didn’t think Trump was someone who could appeal to conservative voters, but because, at that time, I actually had some respect for Republicans in that I never honestly believed they’d be ignorant enough to […]

Roy Moore Lectured at a ‘School’ That Taught Women Shouldn’t be Permitted to Run for Office

Going beyond the disgusting sexual allegations against him, some people seem to forget that Roy Moore’s a fringe, unconstitutional religious whack job who has no business being in the Senate even if he wasn’t a child molester. Case in point, an article published by Think Progress on Thursday that showed Moore was a co-author of […]

GOP Lawmaker Downplays Moore Accusations, Says ‘Foolish’ Women ‘Should be Prosecuted’

Just when you think Republicans can’t stoop any lower, just wait — because they will. Only this time, instead of voting for and defending a self-admitted sexual predator who had been accused by at least 15 women of sexual harassment and/or assault, they’re defending someone who’s literally being accused of sexually assaulting a child. While […]