Republican Congressman Suggests Using Wolves to Deal with Homeless People (Video)

When I was first made aware of this story, it sounded so absurd that I stopped everything I was doing at that moment because I had to watch the video for myself to believe that it was legitimate. Nobody could really say something so vile, could they? Well, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) certainly did. During […]

Palin Family Allegedly Involved in Violent, Drunken Saturday Night Brawl

It appears those “good Christian values” have struck once again, as it seems members of the Palin family were allegedly involved in a violent brawl this past Saturday night at a house party for the Iron Dog snowmobile race. According to local Alaska political writer Amanda Coyne who pieced together several witness accounts: “There’s some sort […]

An Interview With Jim Wright, Author Of Progressive Blog “Stonekettle Station”

In the wilds of Alaska lives a writer named Jim Wright. He is a craftsman of wood and words, he has a cat named ShopKat, and he writes one of the most popular blogs online at Stonekettle Station. If you take Jack Kerouac, Hunter Thompson, Norman Schwarzkopf, add a sprinkle of Carl Hiaasen and a […]