Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Pastor Pillow on the Hunt, Satan the Lion on the Prowl

Hello, I’m Pastor Pillow! Here, hold these binoculars for me while I reload my semi-automatic Barret M82A1. I still can’t believe those customs officials believed it was a back scratcher. Or maybe that was the $10,000 bribe talking. So glad you could be one of the lucky few who gets to partake in the Cubic […]

Mike Huckabee: Obama Is Stomping On Christians

Mike Huckabee appeared on “AFA Today” to chat about his book, Guns, Gravy, Garden Gnomes, and Grappling Hooks, and spent a minute pointing out one of the many problems with the Obama administration. Speaking with Kevin McCullough, host of the American Family Association’s radio program, the former governor was asked why President Obama refuses to […]

Fox News Host: Mike Huckabee Will Never Be President

Mike Huckabee’s last show on Fox was Saturday evening. Huckabee, who has been a fixture on Fox for six-and-a-half years, announced his decision to leave the network on the air. He also posted his statement to his Facebook page many times – the same post for every state in the country, and Puerto Rico and Guam. The reason Mike […]

American Family Association Blatantly Ignores IRS Laws In Promoting Conservative Candidates

Every election season, religious groups flirt with the line between political action allowed under IRS non-profit guidelines and outright endorsing candidates, which is prohibited by the 501(c)(3) guidelines. This year, the American Family Association, which is a well-known right-wing conservative religious group, has apparently blatantly violated those laws. My friend Lamar from has forwarded […]

Bryan Fischer Is Angry That People Are Free To Be Gay In America

The AIDS epidemic is a going concern for the world… well, at least, the part of the world that has a conscience and a sense of compassion. Monsters like Bryan Fischer, the head of the American Family Association, instead see it as a punishment for acting outside the religious framework they have decided is best. […]

Ken Langone says something icky about the Pope, liberals call for boycott of his former company

In 1978, Ken Langone was the lead banker for Home Depot’s IPO. Langone is frequently referred to as a “co-founder” of the company. He sat on the board for 30 years. Using math, 1978+30=2008, which means Ken Langone has not been connected to Home Depot in 5 years. This fact did not stop liberals from […]