Ted Cruz Claims Christians Are Being Persecuted, Compares Atheists And Liberals To The Taliban

In Iowa, right-wing radio host Jan Mickelson seems to be where Republican presidential candidates go to prove their conservative bona fides. In the very crowded field that is utterly dominated by the Donald Trump super nova of a campaign, contenders like Ted Cruz have to ratchet up the rhetoric to 11, just to register on […]

Rick Santorum’s Plan To Save America: A Christian Theocracy

Saturday, Rick “Don’t Google Me” Santorum spoke to an audience of far-right pastors and activists at the Awakening conference. The conference was organized and sponsored by Liberty University, a “Christian academic community” founded by the late Jerry Falwell in 1971. For those of you too young to remember Falwell, he’s the pastor who blamed the […]

The Republican Party and the Continued Rise of the “American Taliban”

In the past I’ve written a couple of articles professing my belief that the Republican party, especially the tea party aspects of it, have become a domestic terrorist group. On the recently ended HBO show The Newsroom,¬†character Will McAvoy (played by Jeff Daniels) referred to them as the “American Taliban,” and I think that’s a […]

It’s Official — the Republican Party Has Now Become the “American Taliban”

For years now, liberals have referred to the tea party as the “American Taliban” for their policies which almost certainly would devastate millions of Americans. ¬†But for the most part I’ve refused to call them that because, while their partisan obstruction was obvious, the comparisons just seemed a little too radical for me. Well, not […]