Ana Navarro Hilariously Mocks Trump Surrogate: McDonald’s Doesn’t Have Turnover Like This (Video)

Despite being a conservative, CNN’s Ana Navarro has been one of Donald Trump’s most vocal critics. A fiery, passionate voice when it comes to politics, Navarro hasn’t shied away from speaking her mind on this “president” and the never-ending stream of lies, scandals, and controversies constantly surrounding the Trump administration. Such as Friday when she […]

CNN’s Ana Navarro Perfectly Rips Into the Vile and Disgusting Nature of CPAC (Video)

The other day I was talking with a buddy of mine who watches a lot of CNN. We both wondered what’s going to become of Republicans like Ana Navarro and other conservatives like her who’ve refused to sell out to Donald Trump once he’s out of office and a Democrat is back in the White […]

Ana Navarro’s Assessment of Trump’s Mental Instability on CNN was Spot-On (Video)

In the past I’ve written about the fact that I understand professional journalists who work for networks such as CNN, NBC News, ABC News, and other major news outlets must follow different rules than someone like myself. I can say and write things that they simply cannot. I get that. That being said, I’ve also […]