Republican Congressman: I’ve Never Heard Donald Trump Lie (Video)

In the many desperate attempts by Trump supporters to defend this “president’s” comments and behavior, I’ve heard quite a few doozies. That’s to be expected when you’re forced to defend the indefensible. However, I’m not sure if I’ve heard anything as absurd as when I saw Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) tell CNN’s Anderson Cooper that […]

5 Questions Roy Moore’s Spokeswoman Couldn’t Answer During Must-See Interview (Video)

Something I’ve said a lot here lately is that when someone is forced to defend the indefensible, yet tries to anyway, that’s when you’re going to get some incredibly outlandish answers or excuses to rather simple questions. A great example of what I mean took place Wednesday night when a spokesperson for Roy Moore was […]

Too Bad Louie Gohmert Isn’t Running In 2016. Or Is He?

Rep. Louie Gohmert told The Hill he is weighing a 2016 presidential run in response to a question about Gohmert supporting Ted Cruz. An aide told The Texas Tribune Gohmert was being “ironic.”Louie Gohmert, a man who told a woman she should have stayed pregnant with a brain-dead fetus, just in case, and who got […]

California Lawyer Matt McLaughlin Introduces “Kill the Gays” Ballot Initiative

A California lawyer has devised an initiative titled “The Sodomite Suppression Act.” Yes, this isn’t something from The Onion or National Report, this is a very real ballot initiative designed by someone who is both nutty and probably thinks more about making sexy time more than members of the gay community do. The language of […]

Anderson Cooper Hammers Arizona State Senator Over Anti-LGBT Law

I don’t praise Republicans on much, but I do give them credit for being masters at propaganda and spin.  The wealthy aren’t rich, they’re “job creators.”  Tax cuts for the “job creators” aren’t tax cuts, they’re “vital for job creation.”  Somehow they’ve managed to convince tens of millions of conservative voters that they’re the party […]