Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Makes a Fool Out Of Herself Discussing Thwarted Terror Attack (Video)

While she’s not nearly as well-known as other Fox News personalities such as Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, Andrea Tantaros is easily one of the most ridiculous hosts on the entire network. I think what bothers me most is that she doesn’t even spread her idiocy and hate-filled rhetoric in an intelligent manner. She tries really […]

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros: Healthy Food at School is ‘Causing Mental Problems’ (Video)

We’ve really reached a point nowadays where it seems like practically everything somehow becomes politicized. Things that just a few years ago I don’t think most people would have thought twice about have suddenly become “controversial topics.” Take for instance the obsession many have on the right concerning the ongoing push to make school lunches […]

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Pushes Laughable Conspiracy About School Snow Days (Video)

Andrea Tantaros has made quite a name for herself by saying some of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. She’s so absurd that even fellow Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has had to call her nonsense out in the past. Needless to say, she’s got quite an impressive resume of inflammatory and flat-out laughable comments even by Fox […]

Fox News Hosts: We Shouldn’t Have Public Education, It Just Teaches ‘Meaningless Liberal Crap’ (Video)

There are so many times where I’m watching Fox News where I have to remind myself that I’m watching a supposedly legitimate cable news channel. I’ve often joked that Saturday Night Live could create some of their political skits by simply quoting many of the hosts on Fox News verbatim. Take for instance when several […]

Jon Stewart Perfectly Mocks Fox News Host’s Ridiculous ‘Awesome’ Rant (Video)

In case you haven’t heard, the Senate finally released the long-awaited “CIA torture report” the other day, and opinions on the matter have been in no short supply. And as to be expected, conservatives have been out in force with some downplaying the report while others have gone as far as to try to defend […]

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Goes On Bizarre Rant About Torture: ‘We Are Awesome!’ (Video)

I’ve gone on the record as saying that I don’t get as worked up about all this torture stuff as the average liberal/progressive. We’ve always been doing this stuff, we’re just now hearing more about it due to the evolution of the ways we get information. Though let me make myself clear, I’m not defending the […]

Fox News Host Pathetically Tries to Make Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence About President Obama (Video)

In proving that she’ll try to use practically anything to attack President Obama, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros somehow managed to try to make Ray Rice’s brutal assault of Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City elevator about the president. On Outnumbered, Tantaros asked, “I wanna know, where is the president on this one?” “My question is, and not […]

Fox News’ Tantaros Makes Ridiculous Claim About President Obama That Even Stuns Bill O’Reilly (Video)

While Bill O’Reilly definitely isn’t someone I would call “moderate,” I’ll at least give him credit for sometimes (though it’s rare) calling out radical right-wing nonsense. And while he didn’t technically “call out” Andrea Tantaros during a segment on The O’Reilly Factor, it was fairly clear by his body language and reactions to what she was saying […]

Fox News Host Suggests Disgusting Way to Deal with All Muslims

Hyperbole in the media isn’t uncommon. Heck, I use it fairly often. It’s a tool that, when properly used, has its place. That being said, it’s often grossly misused in disgusting and ridiculous ways. Especially on Fox News. Take for instance when Andrea Tantaros said on Fox News’ Outnumbered that basically the only way to deal […]

Power Rankings: The 10 Most Pathetic Conservatives of the Week – Week 2

Welcome to the second installment of my weekly power rankings.  The premise of this article is pretty simple.  I take the worst conservatives of the previous week and rank them accordingly based on whatever nonsense they said or did. Again, this isn’t based on everything every conservative said as that would be nearly impossible to […]