Fox News Judicial Analyst Slams Conspiracy-Pushing Colleagues, Paints Grim Picture for Trump (Video)

Once upon a time I referred to Fox News judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano as “Trump’s favorite judge.” After all, Napolitano was apparently the primary source Trump used to make his unfounded claim that Barack Obama had Trump Tower illegally wiretapped during last year’s campaign. He’s also someone with a fairly well-established past of being rather […]

One of Trump’s Favorite Fox News Analysts Crushes Defense of Son’s Russia Meeting (Video)

Let’s be honest, being a supporter of Donald Trump isn’t easy. To continue to defend and support this administration takes willful ignorance and a desire to buy into all sorts of conspiracy theories that have become so outlandish that I’m starting to see conspiracies on top of conspiracies. That’s what happens when you choose to […]

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Humiliated After Failed Attempt to Defend Trump (Video)

If you’ve ever watched Fox News for any length of time (and for whatever sad reason), you’ve most likely seen Andrea Tantaros featured on the network in some capacity. Either on the show she co-hosts,¬†Outnumbered,¬†or as a featured “analyst” of sorts on any number of the network’s other shows. I’m really not sure why anyone […]