Ann Coulter Has a Full-On Epic Meltdown Following Trump’s Tax Speech

Desperate for a “win” so that he can legitimately say he’s accomplished something, and realizing that his threat to shut down the government over funding of his border wall will only lead to further embarrassment, Donald Trump is shifting his focus on trying to pass tax cuts — probably the one thing he can get […]

Ann Coulter is Nothing but a One-Woman Hate Group Who the Mainstream Media Needs to Stop Promoting

Can someone explain to me how Ann Coulter is still a “thing”? In 2015, when people seem to be “outraged” over damn near everything, how is someone who actively promotes racism, sexism, intolerance, hate, bigotry and just pure ignorance still promoted and tolerated by practically every mainstream media entity? If some random actor or athlete […]

Liberals Need To Leave Conservative Women Alone, Seriously

“Another article lecturing us about Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin or not sharing stupid stuff on Facebook?” is probably the response I’m going to hear from a few people, but this is something I have to keep bringing up – because people just won’t stop doing it. Without fail, every time someone posts a picture of […]

The 5 Liberal vs. Conservative Debates I Would Love to See Happen

Anyone who follows politics is often inundated with a constant stream of bad or negative news. And at times it can get to people. So every once in a while I like to take a step back from all the seriousness and negativity and write a more lighthearted article that mixes in a little fun, […]

Ann Coulter Blasts Incoherent Sarah Palin During Shocking Fox News Appearance (Video)

I guess you’re wondering where the video of this verbal altercation is. Don’t worry, we’ll get to it. To be honest with you, I wrote the title as a joke, only to figure out that Ann Coulter has publicly criticized Sarah Palin at least a couple of times. So there goes that whole gag. The fact […]

Stop Calling Ann Coulter Names, Seriously

Anytime I am forced by my fellow liberals into defending Ann Coulter, I get very pissed off. Although, in truth, I am not defending Ann Coulter. I am defending my transgender friends, and the transgender community. But I’m still pissed off. We, and by we I mean liberals and progressives who still fucking do this, […]

5 People Liberals Need To Stop Paying Attention To

More and more, I am seeing memes and links pop up in my Facebook newsfeed talking about how so and so DESTROYED!!! or ANNIHILATED!!! or whatever in an EPIC segment on some program. Let’s use the example of the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham to illustrate this point. Prior to the first […]

Ann Coulter Goes off on Disgusting Racist Rant, Compares Immigration Reform to Sexual Assault

When the Republican party and racism get brought up, conservatives are often quick to dismiss the notion that the Republican party is filled with racists.  Racism itself is hard to “prove” because if someone, or a group of people, spout off something racist those claiming that the GOP isn’t racist will simply dismiss them as […]

Ann Coulter Blatantly Lies on Fox News About Friend’s Sister Dying Due to Obamacare

I’ve always known Ann Coulter was pretty much a bottom feeder as far as human beings go.  She and Rush Limbaugh are the two individuals I see most often spouting off nothing but pure garbage.  It’s just an endless stream of vile, disgusting ignorance. Well, I just watched an interview between Coulter and Tucker Carlson […]

Ann Coulter Slams Maddow and MSNBC, Says They Won’t Bring On Smart Conservatives Like Herself

While I absolutely cannot stand the woman, I’ll give Ann Coulter this – she knows how to keep herself relevant by pandering to idiots.  She’s a master at making headlines and getting her name in the spotlight.  Though I find most of what she says to be absolutely repulsive, I’ll at least give her that […]