Creationist Group Answers in Genesis: To Deny That Unicorns Existed is to ‘Demean God’s Word’

Just when I thought my opinion of creationists couldn’t get any lower, I ran across this article posted on the Answers in Genesis website (the group suing the state of Kentucky for $18 million) claiming that unicorns were real and to deny their existence is to “demean God’s word.” No, seriously, that’s what this article claims: Some […]

Creationist Group Suing State of Kentucky for $18 Million Claiming Discrimination

Our right to freedom of religion is one of the bedrocks that make this nation great. What better way to build a society than to separate government from religion and let a nation’s citizens decide for themselves if they will or won’t be followers of a particular religion? Well, at least that’s the way our […]

Creationist Theme Park Throwing Hissy Fit After Being Denied Tax Breaks for Trying to Discriminate Against Employees

First let me start off by saying that the “theme park” being built in Kentucky by the religious radical group led by Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, shouldn’t be getting any kind of tax breaks, subsidies or anything at all related to taxpayer money for its construction. This isn’t a “religious institution” like a church, it’s […]

Absolutely Absurd: Creationist Demands Airtime on ‘Cosmos’ to Offer Balance Against Science

Let me just go ahead and get this disclaimer out of the way – this article is not satire.  I know, when reading that headline someone might really think that it’s something from The Onion or even one of our satire pieces.  But sadly, this is a true story. Danny Faulkner of Answers In Genesis […]

It Can Be Both Creation And Evolution

Thanks in part to the Creation Versus Evolution Debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye and now to the news that Ham’s Creation Museum will be investing twenty-seven million dollars (that’s $27,000,000!) to building a boat that won’t go anywhere, a lot of people are both intrigued and confused by what is happening in Conservative […]