5 Reasons Everyone Should Oppose Michael Boggs’ Nomination

What do we know about Michael Boggs? We know that the ultra-conservative former legislator and current judge has been appointed by President Obama for a federal district court bench in Georgia. We know that this is part of a compromise deal Obama made with Georgia senators in order to lift blocks for other appointments. We probably […]

Why is this Democratic lawmaker introducing anti-choice legislation in Louisiana?

State Rep. Katrina Jackson recently filed HB 388 which has the title of “The Unsafe Abortion Protection Act.” As originally reported by my friend Lamar White who blogs over at cenlamar.com, this anti-choice legislation is modeled on the Texas legislation Wendy Davis famously filibustered last year. Yet, this bill goes even further as it also […]

Wendy Davis, Texas Senator, Courageously Fighting For Women’s Rights

First I want to start off by saying, Wendy Davis— you are one hell of an exceptional person. And to follow the motto of today as one of her supporters, Go Wendy!  Or on Twitter, #StandWithWendy Proving that not all politicians from Texas live in some other dimension where insanity trumps reality, Wendy Davis decided […]