Bobby Jindal Ends Funding To Louisiana Planned Parenthood – Even Though They Don’t Do Abortions

Unable to register as more than an insignificant blip on Republican primary polling, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has stopped at nothing in order to win the hearts of primary voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. When Indiana and Arkansas amended their religious freedom laws to avoid the appearance of promoting legislation that encouraged discrimination against […]

Need An Abortion In Missouri? Rep. Rick Brattin Wants You To Get Permission First

Hey y’all, remember Todd Akin, the creepy guy who sunk his own campaign a couple of years back by making remarks about “legitimate rape“? Remember how we thought “well, certainly no Republican in his right mind would say something that stupid on the subject anytime soon”? Well, he’s not back just yet, but he seems […]

Breaking: Federal Judge Halts Key Part of Texas’ New Controversial Anti-Choice Law

Last summer, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) became a national sensation when she bravely fought for women’s rights in Texas during a nearly 13-hour filibuster to block a controversial law that would have restricted women’s rights within the state. Though her efforts were brave, and temporarily successful, they ultimately fell short of blocking the […]

Satanists Using Hobby Lobby Ruling to Shield Women from Anti-Choice Laws

I learned a long time ago to be careful what you wish for.  When the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby could use its religion to violate parts of a federal law, anyone with half a brain knew that the floodgates had just been opened. Because that ruling wasn’t just about Hobby Lobby being given […]

5 Effective Ways to Actually Be Pro-Life

This week, the Supreme Court basically declared harassment of women entering family planning and abortion clinics constitutional. With this kind of legal protection, now we have to rely on the kindness of a crew not known for kindness in the face of abortion. I suggest that we lean abortion foes to be comprehensively pro-life in […]

Oklahoma’s New Divorce Law Is Wrong, And Dangerous

Oklahoma is a key state of interest for me for though I have several awesome progressive friends in the state and though my own family has roots there, yet it’s proudly one of the most conservative states in the union. Hobby Lobby and James Linkford help to highlight the point that it’s also one of the most dangerous to […]

Todd Starnes Thinks LGBTQ Activists Will Deport Christians… Seriously

There are days I would love nothing more than to deport Christian Religious Right leaders to their own island. They can set up their own theocracy and exchange blows about which Old Testament laws and modern legalisms they will accept or reject. They can label each other a heretic til the pigs come home. We can call […]

The War On Women Continues: Alabama Is Preparing To Pass More Anti-Choice Legislation

This morning, a friend sent me a link reporting that Alabama is preparing for the newest round in the War on Women – reproductive rights to be precise. An ACLU blog is reporting that Alabama Senate lawmakers are preparing to hold debate on a bill that would allow hospitals and medical professionals to refuse to […]

Wendy Davis Is More Pro-Life than the Pro-Life Movement

When Wendy Davis – the pro-choice Texas state senator famous for having stood up for women’s reproductive rights in the face of overwhelming animosity from Governor Perry and Texas Republicans (mostly male) – called herself “pro-life,” she ignited a bit of a controversy. While I joked that she should have credited me with the idea of […]

The Abortion Juke of the Religious Right

On my LeftCheek blog, I’m doing a series on the Christian Comparison Factors – quasi-theological tangents that Evangelicals throw out to dismiss and subvert abuse, hurt, pain and injustice. The two others I call the #AreYouAsHumbleAsChrist game and the Hell Factor. But here and today I wanted to focus on probably the most enraging and […]