Breaking: Federal Judge Halts Key Part of Texas’ New Controversial Anti-Choice Law

Last summer, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis (D) became a national sensation when she bravely fought for women’s rights in Texas during a nearly 13-hour filibuster to block a controversial law that would have restricted women’s rights within the state. Though her efforts were brave, and temporarily successful, they ultimately fell short of blocking the […]

Satanists Using Hobby Lobby Ruling to Shield Women from Anti-Choice Laws

I learned a long time ago to be careful what you wish for.  When the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby could use its religion to violate parts of a federal law, anyone with half a brain knew that the floodgates had just been opened. Because that ruling wasn’t just about Hobby Lobby being given […]

Congressman Wants To Establish Business’ Religion Over Employees’ Bodies

When you look at US Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) and read some of his tweets and Facebook updates, you may understand why I cannot stop fancying him as Kenneth the Page or reading him in his voice. He looks like if somebody tried to dress up Kenneth Parcell from 30 Rock to look like a grown-up and failed. Lankford doesn’t […]

The Nonsensical Hypocrisy of the “Pro-Life” Religious Right

In my long exodus away from the religious right, the one thing I still have a personal problem with is abortion. Back then, every January, we’d hop on a bus full of people praying rosaries and head to Washington to protest the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. From a very early age, I was subjected […]