It’s Time We Start Calling Cop Block What It Actually Is: A Hate Group

A few months ago I wrote an article warning liberals that they were being duped by many of these so-called “police accountability” websites and Facebook pages. I explained that by buying into their propaganda, these liberals were basically supporting radical anti-government right-wing groups. What these various organizations try to do is attempt to hide their contempt for government […]

What Do Open Carry Texas And Cop Block Have In Common?

Some time back, I took a lot of grief for defending an Oklahoma Highway Patrol captain who had his words twisted and taken out of context by a number of websites, including the Huffington Post. One of the things that I pointed out is that organizations like Cop Block and Free Thought Project use any […]

The Nevada Shooting Shows the Dangers of the Anti-Government “Bundy Movement”

By now it’s no secret that the two Nevada shooters were far-right radicals with ties to the infamous Cliven Bundy standoff back in April.  And while I normally would say that we can’t judge a whole group of people based off the monstrous actions of a few, I don’t exactly feel that way in this […]

The Indictment Of The Indictment Of President Obama

Get comfy, this is going to be a long one. Herein you will find the “indictment” of the President Obama by the mental giants behind the Operation: American Spring debacle. I’ve left each section’s content/intent intact, and made rebuttal/commentary/mockery as appropriate afterward in italics. Drawn directly from their site , with some spelling corrections because […]

The Terrorist Right Gets It Wrong – Operation: American Spring

(I’m writing this on the eve of “Operation: American Spring”; let’s see how prophetic I am.) By default, anything organized by the loons on the far far right (and I’m talking here about people who make Boehner and Scalia look like chill dudes) is going to be a massive mess. The talk is big, I […]