Conspiracies and Truth Coming Out of the Immigration Protests in Murrieta

The protests in Murrieta, California over the last week have exposed an important truth upon America. Did you know that Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi ordered tens of thousands of Central American kids to flee their homelands, travel hundreds and hundreds of miles of treacherous terrain unescorted or with dangerous coyotes (whom their families […]

Ted Cruz and Militia Take on Refugee Kids in Texas Border Surge

As reported here earlier, we’re finding a lot of children either crossing or trying to cross into the United States, coming from not just northern Mexico but increasingly from violence-plagued Central American states. As our means for taking care of these youth are being taxed, it is becoming clear that we are heading into a […]

Todd Starnes’ Xenophobic Opinions About Cantor & Detained Immigrant Children

Todd Starnes is a ridiculous Culture Warrior, racist and Rush Limbaugh-wannabe who likes to make stuff up. He’s also xenophobe with questionable intelligence – but most people who make it their living to indiscriminately defend the indefensible appear unintelligent even when they have high IQs. Recently, we caught Starnes making stuff up about immigrants. And now he’s […]

Anti-Immigrant Republicans Have Been Overwhelmingly Losing in the Primaries

I’d be lying if I said I trust either Democrats or Republicans on the issue of immigration. I trust immigrants because they are my neighbors, they are my students, they are my clients, they are my peers, they are my friends. And they tend to work hard and yet be maligned, mistreated, marginalized, caught in […]

Fox Cranks Up the Scare Tactics by Saying Obama ‘Releases’ Criminal Immigrants

Trigger Warning: Violent rhetoric; Anti immigrant rhetoric; Racism I try to make it a habit to not focus on the anti-immigrant hysterics. My friends and neighbors already have enough to worry about just trying to live, work, worship, play, and go outdoors while being mindful of ICE, detention, and the possibility of being ripped from […]