Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – You’re Still Winning

One of our fans wrote this tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his personal Facebook profile, which he then sent to me and I agreed to publish it here. Danny describes himself as follows: “I’m a bit of an anomaly; I’m a military vet (with a disability rating), I work in public safety, […]

When It Comes to the Debate on Racism, Both Liberals and Conservatives Get it Wrong

I have to confess, I absolutely loathe talking about racism. Not because it’s not a topic that needs to be discussed, but because most people really don’t want to have an honest conversation about it. What most people want to do nowadays is simply prove that the other side is wrong. It’s not really about […]

11 Rules for New Anti-Racist Allies

Following in the wake of news of the tragic deaths of a rash of young black lives under the police and then the release of those police from any sense of accountability, the conscience of a nation is starting to arise. Many new people are joining anti-racist marches, are sharing tweets and Facebook posts about […]

Mandela and Legitimate Anger

“Power concedes nothing without demand.” – Frederick Douglass It’s weird seeing all these people praising Mandela who previously were harassing him for his directed anger at not just South Africa’s apartheid, but the US’s corporate involvement and support of evil regimes. But I think if anyone had a right to be really angry, it’d be South African […]