Gardner, Louisiana Residents Confuse Hebrew Signs With ISIS Terrorism Messages

Gardner, Louisiana is a small town in Rapides Parish, about 15 miles to the southwest of Alexandria. Like many other rural areas across the South, it is very conservative, very religious, and apparently extremely ignorant. How bad could it be? Well, according to a local news report, residents of Gardner were freaked out about signs […]

Israelis Overwhelmingly Want President Obama to get Ebola? Not exactly…

*EDITOR’S NOTE* The title of this article has been changed to more accurately reflect the story. Last month, my colleague Allen Clifton was forced to do something I would find as difficult and disgusting as having to defend an animal abuser in court. Due to the unprofessional actions of a writer, one Stephen D. Foster […]

How Conspiracy Nuts Are Duping Well-Meaning Liberals

As you know, I have a very low opinion of conspiracy nuts and the media personalities who cater to their delusions, like Alex Jones. And while many people on the left like to say that insane ideas like Obama is a time-traveling, shape-shifting reptile from another dimension are confined solely to the paranoid, right-wing fringe, […]