We’ve Finally Found The One Issue On Which Dr. Ben Carson Actually Makes Sense

The anti-vaccine movement is turning out to be one of the more intriguing debates I’ve run across. Not because I buy into any of the ridiculous “anti-vaxxer” nonsense, but because it’s an issue that some politicians seem unable to definitively answer – especially Republicans. Unfortunately,¬†many liberals¬†are driving this readily debunked information behind the myth that […]

Here, Let Me Google That For You (A Guide To Dealing With Idiots On The Internet)

Let Me Google That For You is quite possibly the best thing on the internet. We’ve all experienced the moment when, during an online conversation, someone refuses to spend just a few minutes Googling information before lending their opinion. Perhaps it’s an anti-vaccine nut, bound and determined to prove (without any facts) that vaccines are […]

The Anti-Vaccine Movement Is The Left’s Intellectual Problem With Science

I will often see comments from readers who say things such as “you call yourself a progressive but all you do is bash the right,” or other similar statements. The fact of the matter is I will call out people who are being ignorant, regardless of where they identify themselves politically. I have previously called […]