In One Tweet, Hillary Clinton Brilliantly Hammers Anti-Vaccine Advocates

The debate over vaccines has never been more mainstream than it is right now. If you ask me, this is a debate we should have been having years ago. It’s a shame that it took a measles outbreak to finally get the ridiculous anti-vaccine movement exposed on a national scale. For far too long, this […]

A Shocking Truth Anti-Vaccine Nuts Don’t Want You To Know

We’ve been over this before, many, many times. Vaccines are safe, and they’re not some evil plot by some secret, sinister group to reduce the world’s population. They aren’t the cause of autism. So why in the hell would people turn their backs on years of research and not immunize their children? The reason is […]

The Daily Show Rips ‘Idiocy’ of the Increasing Number of Liberals Who Oppose Vaccinations (Video)

I’ve never really written anything about people who cling to the routinely debunked myths that vaccines are dangerous for children. ┬áTo be honest, until the last couple of years I thought these people had faded off into oblivion as most crackpots tend to do once their asinine theories get disproven. But I was clearly wrong. […]