I Am A White Gun Owner, And I Hate The NRA

For those of you who have followed my writing for a while, it’s no secret that I am a white liberal gun owner who lives in the South. I owned my first gun at a very early age, as did many other people in the rural part of Virginia where I grew up. This may […]

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Says Black Students Should Attend ‘Less Advanced’ Schools

While the media has been transfixed by the latest insane comments from Donald Trump, an important case is being heard by the Supreme Court on the issue of affirmative action. The case centers on a young woman who has sued the University of Texas, claiming that their admissions policy prevented her from being accepted to […]

Justice Scalia Makes Himself Look Like a Fool During Obamacare Arguments

In case some of you haven’t heard, the Supreme Court is currently hearing possibly the most asinine challenge to the Affordable Care Act yet. The case of King v. Burwell essentially breaks down to whether or not the subsidies offered to Americans to help afford health care are legal. Basically, if the Supreme Court rules […]

Justice Scalia: The Supreme Court Can “Favor Religion Over Nonreligion”

Need another reminder why voting in the 2014 mid-term elections is so very important? With only about a month to go, the future for the hold Democrats have on the Senate is looking quite dim, and the House is almost certainly out of reach – and probably destined to give even more seats to Republicans. […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: God Calls Down to Bullpen for Worldwide Flood

Once upon a time, Christians were indeed persecuted for their beliefs. While scholars now claim that there has been a great bit of mythmaking with respect to Saturday afternoon Coliseum matinees of Christians being thrown to the lions, no one doubts that there was a time in the Roman Empire when the likes of Galerius […]