Good Samaritan Chases Down Man Who Attacked 8-Year-Old, Stole iPad (VIDEO)

Unfortunately, stories about people having their high tech toys (smartphone, tablet, laptop) stolen are far too common and often not the ones that make the news. ¬†Usually it’s not “newsworthy” to hear about the numerous people who had their smartphone stolen that day. Well, this story is definitely newsworthy. It seems last week an 8-year-old […]

Apple Warns Arizona’s Gov. Brewer that Anti-LGBT Bill Could Threaten Planned New Plant in State

I think it’s safe to say that if Arizona Governor Jan Brewer doesn’t veto the anti-LGBT bill passed by the Arizona state legislature, all hell’s going to break loose. ¬†For the life of me, judging by the backlash it’s received, I can’t even imagine how this atrocity even passed the legislature. Then again this is […]

Apple’s Dodging $17 Million a Day in Taxes — But They’re Not The Real Problem

The other night I wrote an article about how oil companies in Oklahoma (who certainly aren’t lacking for profit margins) receive additional subsidies from the state, while things like storm shelters for older schools go unfunded. As outrageous as this is, it is a small example of a much larger problem. While Congress was busy […]