New Poll Brings More Bad News for the Republican Party

While on the surface the Republican party will act like everything is wonderful and they’re charged up about having full control of Congress, deep down things really aren’t that great for the GOP. They won all this power last November, not really because voters came out in huge numbers to support their ideologies, but because […]

Communist Party Expresses ‘Great Disappointment’ in President Obama (Satire)

In light of yesterday’s news that the Dow Jones Industrial Average passed a record 18,000 points on news of strong economic growth, the Communist Party has expressed their extreme displeasure with President Obama’s performance. In fact, Communist Party members were quick to distance themselves from the president, stating that despite all Republican claims, President Obama […]

New Gallup Poll Shows Speaker Boehner’s Popularity Rating Way Below President Obama’s

Republicans often like to say the phrase, “We’re listening to the American people and they’re telling us (fill in the blank)!”  Which, as we all know, is complete nonsense. If Republicans in Congress were listening to the majority of the American people: Gay marriage would be legal. Background checks would be required on all gun […]

We Don’t Need Better Politicians, We Need a More Informed Electorate

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t read numerous comments from people complaining about how “all politicians are the same” or how “corrupt” our government is. And on some levels, these people are right.  But they’re also blaming the wrong people. See, we can complain all we want about how ineffective our […]