The Conservative Assault On Gay Marriage And LGBT Rights Isn’t Over

Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court handed down a ruling that made gay marriage the law of the land. Despite the protests of conservative across the country, same-sex couples were finally given the same rights as everyone else to marry the consenting adult of their choice. The rights of same-sex couples became a […]

Mike Huckabee Says American Christians Are Under Attack From Gays and ISIS

Mike Huckabee had better jump into GOP clown car before Gov. Bobby Jindal does, or he won’t be able to capture the votes of the far-right evangelical Christians who will play a pivotal role in deciding the early Republican primaries in 2016. The former governor of Arkansas hasn’t formally announced his 2016 candidacy for a […]

Bobby Jindal Whines That Republicans Need To Stop Cowering To ‘Shrieks’ From The ‘Radical Left’

By conservative measures, Bobby Jindal’s 7+ years as governor of Louisiana should be a raging success. Corporations get all sorts of tax breaks, the tax burden is shifted onto the poor and middle class, abortion restrictions are extremely tight, and Louisiana has so far rejected Medicaid expansion as well as marriage equality. Bobby Jindal didn’t […]

Experts Warn Louisiana’s “Religious Freedom” Bill Will Harm Their Economy

After recent bills in Arkansas and Indiana were updated to prohibit discrimination against LGBT people, Louisiana decided to try their own hand at creating a “religious freedom” bill which, as originally drafted, could have gone much further. Why would a state already facing a $1.6 billion budget gap and lacking the funds for the very […]

Sen. Tom Cotton On LGBT Rights: ‘In Iran They Hang You For The Crime Of Being Gay’ (Video)

Senator Tom Cotton just doesn’t know when to shut up. Or more likely, he subscribes to the mentality that bad press is better than good press, because that’s the way to rally right-wing Republicans to his cause. That cause is being the rising Senate star of the GOP fringe and possibly a presidential candidate in […]

If You Thought Indiana’s Law Was Bad, Louisiana’s “Religious Freedom” Legislation Is Far Worse (UPDATE)

Here in Louisiana, anti-gay bigots are likely chomping at the bit and wetting their white robes in excitement over new pro-discrimination, “religious freedom” legislation which a Shreveport Republican will be introducing to the state legislature soon. Louisiana’s proposed legislation is not like the law in Indiana which could be used to discriminate against LGBT persons […]

Arkansas Passes Their Own Version Of Indiana’s Discrimination Bill

Apparently Arkansas lawmakers don’t follow the news, or perhaps they just don’t care that they’re about to face the same withering shit-storm that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is dealing with. After all, when even NASCAR says that Indiana’s discrimination bill is a really bad move, you know you’ve goofed up big time. Now, even as […]

Senator Tom Cotton Desperately Needs A Geography Lesson

Tom Cotton, current infamous Republican senator from Arkansas, appeared on Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer this past Sunday. The topic of discussion was Senator Cotton’s letter to Iran, and Cotton’s motivation for said letter. Many of the senators who signed the letter have backtracked their support, including John McCain, who has been telling anyone […]

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert Wants To Drop A Nuclear Bomb On ISIS

The Republican Party has a very big problem, and it’s not just with racism. The Republican Party has far too many people like Jason Rapert, a state senator from Arkansas who is luckily not in charge of our military. It’s also safe to say that politically, Sen. Rapert shouldn’t be allowed on social media for […]

Breaking: Republican Tom Cotton Defeats Democrat Incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor in Arkansas

In a race Democrats needed, but ultimately probably stood no chance at winning, Republican candidate Tom Cotton successfully defeated incumbent Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas. This marks the second big pickup in the Senate for Republicans tonight following their victory in West Virginia. Arkansas, much like Kentucky, is a state that’s truly baffling. This is […]