Evangelical Pastor John Hagee is a Fraud and his Theory About Ukraine is Utterly Ridiculous

Normally I don’t write articles about random pastors and the idiocy they spew.  If I did, I’d never stop writing.  But when it comes to Cornerstone Church founder and senior pastor John Hagee, I’ll make an exception. See, I’ve dealt with this man and his family before.  Years ago when I was a waiter in […]

Michele Bachmann Heads Further Off the Deep End, Claims Obama Has Brought About “End Times”

Yes, Michele Bachmann is still a United States Congressperson and yes, she is still on the House Committee on Intelligence. Let that sink in before reading the rest of this story (which is not satire, by the way). …. sigh …. Speaking on Jan Markell’s “Understanding the Times” apocalyptic-themed radio program on Saturday, Bachmann showed […]