After Deal on Syria Reached, Obama’s Brilliance Shown — Republicans Still Completely Lost

It’s only been a couple of weeks since President Obama made his comments public about his desire to use military force in Syria, following the developments that Assad had used chemical weapons to murder over 1,000 men, women and children. And I don’t know about you, but the back and forth these last few weeks […]

President Obama Has Played His Hand Perfectly When it Comes to Syria

I find it interesting how quickly many Americans rush to judgement when it comes to President Obama.  While I often criticize Republicans for their attitude towards the president, Democrats are often just as quick to throw backlash his way whenever it seems he might be doing something they disagree with. The moment a situation comes […]

No Matter What We Decide to Do With Syria — It’s a “No-Win” Situation

I had planned to write an article which openly stated my stance on the possibility of our military involvement in Syria.  I’ve listened to the arguments and I understand each stance — both the pro-military and anti-military involvement — people are making. Then it struck me; no matter what we do, it’s not going to […]