Ted Cruz Claims Christians Are Being Persecuted, Compares Atheists And Liberals To The Taliban

In Iowa, right-wing radio host Jan Mickelson seems to be where Republican presidential candidates go to prove their conservative bona fides. In the very crowded field that is utterly dominated by the Donald Trump super nova of a campaign, contenders like Ted Cruz have to ratchet up the rhetoric to 11, just to register on […]

There’s No Difference Between Phil Robertson And The Westboro Baptist Church

Phil Robertson, poster child for right-wing fringe, reality show star, and hater of all things not fundamentalist Christian-y, gave another speech last Friday. Speaking at a prayer breakfast in Vero Beach, Florida, Robertson created a hypothetical situation involving the rape of two children, the decapitation of a mother, and the castration of a father. The […]

GOP House Candidate Has Disgusting Theory For What Caused Sandy Hook Shooting

I guess ignorance runs in the family. GOP House candidate Zach Dasher, nephew of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, apparently knows exactly what caused the horrific Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. Atheists. Just three days following the shooting, Dasher said, “He was made in the image of God. But somewhere along the way he believed what the atheist […]

Christian Radio Host: Ebola Could ‘Solve America’s Problems with Atheism, Homosexuality and Abortion’ (Audio)

I’m a big fan of technology for the most part, but it also has its downsides.  Among them being that it’s given a voice to any crazy person who knows how to use it.  It’s why I really don’t think there are more lunatics in our society, I just think we’re hearing about them more often. […]

NE Mayor Violating First Amendment Tells Atheist ‘Take Me to F*cking Court – I Don’t Care’

When it comes to religion and government in this country, it should be pretty simple – don’t mix the two.  The separation of church and state shouldn’t be a complicated issue.  Yet we still continually see politicians, especially conservative ones, try to mix religion in with government policies or events. And by doing so they’re […]

Republicans are Trying to Mix the Ideologies of Jesus Christ with an Atheist and That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

It’s amazing to me how few conservatives know who Ayn Rand is.  Especially considering that she’s quite possibly the most influential person behind most of the Republican party’s economic ideologies. She was a person who spoke out against social programs, believed that people should only worry about themselves, opposed big government and worshiped at the […]

Organized Religion: A Tool for Ignorance, Power and Control

I think anyone who follows me even somewhat regularly knows that I’m a Christian.  I know that’s not always a popular thing to be as a liberal, but it’s a fact nonetheless.  That being said, I detest organized religion. What “religion” is to me is a human-made concoction meant to promote the personal views of […]

Dear Half-Governor Palin

Dear Half-Governor Sarah Palin, So, total congrats on your speech down at Liberty University. Heard you knocked it out the park, and you didn’t even have to write notes on your hand. Go you! You were there promoting your book “War on Christmas: Buy More Shit!” or something like that (which I believe is your […]

Sarah Palin: Angry Atheists Want to ‘Abort Christ from Christmas’

Well, the Queen of the Buffoons has struck again, this time chiming in on the right-wing made up “war on Christmas.”  While speaking at the conservative Liberty University, Palin decided to blame atheists for making an issue of separating church and state. Palin said: “Thomas Jefferson today, he would recognize those who would want to […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Floating Fundies Flee Atheists in Collars

Ahoy there, mates!  Avast, ye scallywag sinners!  Arise and shine, then gather ye upon the poop deck of praise to give God the glory-glory!  The HMS Christian Right Weekly Round-Up is ready to set sail! Pastor Pillow here. In our padded pews this morning, we offer refuge to all from “abortion, homosexuality, taxes and the […]