Jon Stewart Slams NFL’s Incompetence on Domestic Violence: ‘You Done F**ked Up!’ (Video)

Ray Rice’s brutal assault of Janay Palmer has been all over the news lately, and rightfully so. Though the story hasn’t just been about Rice’s assault itself, but the cover up that seems to have taken place by the NFL. Jon Stewart decided to chime in once again last night on the whole situation, and brilliantly […]

Breaking: The NFL and Roger Goodell Never Bothered to Ask Casino For Elevator Footage of Ray Rice

TMZ Sports has just broke the news that nobody from the NFL – including commissioner Roger Goodell – bothered to ask the Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City for the elevator footage which shows Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancée Janay Palmer unconscious. Footage that the casino says they would have gladly handed over to the […]

Peyton Manning, John Schnatter and Roger Goodell walk into a bar…

For hard working blue collar fans of the NFL with a case of the munchies on a Sunday afternoon, there’s no better snack to hit the spot than fresh, hot pizza. And what better pizza place to ring up than the NFL’s official sponsor, none other than John Schnatter’s brand, Papa John’s? No doubt you […]