John McCain Slams Trump: President ‘Emboldened’ Assad to Launch Chemical Attack

Despite Donald Trump’s pathetic attempt to blame the most recent chemical attack launched by Syrian Dictator Bashar al Assad on Barack Obama (yes, that really happened), this happened more than a year into his “presidency,” so any blame anyone might place on the United States for this act falls squarely on his shoulders. Though you […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: Dem Westboro Bones, From Russia with Franklin Graham’s Love

Pastor Pillow here! Dem bones, dem bones, dem gay bones / Dem bones, dem bones, dem straight bones Please turn in your hymnals to No. 319. Fred Phelps, he of the Westboro Baptist Hate Community, is dead. It is the most celebrated death in the world of religion since Pope John Paul II left our […]

President Obama Postpones Vote on Military Action as Syria May Give Up Chemical Weapons

In a developing story, Syrian officials have indicated that they will agree to the Russian deal to turn over the locations of their chemical weapon stockpiles, cease production and hand them over to international control.  Meanwhile, earlier tonight, President Obama addressed the nation and reaffirmed that he’s keeping the pressure on Assad, but will ask […]

Christian Right Weekly Round-Up: WWJD Syria-Style, Santorum in a Beret & Other Signs of the Apocalypse

Hey, Fundies!  On the Syrian Question:  What Would Jesus Do?  It’s your phrase, right?  I’ll tell you what he WOULDN’T DO, and that is remotely operate a drone in the name of Uncle Sam to deliver murderous munitions against fellow human beings.  But do you know what he probably WOULD DO?  Son of God or […]

Syria: It’s Time To Take Our Football And Go Home

I hadn’t planned on weighing in on Syria, even though it seems everyone else has in the media blitz surrounding the speculation of “will we or won’t we?” But as I sit here on a late summer day, watching the second week of college football (in which my beloved Virginia Cavaliers got annihilated by the […]

F–K THE F–KING RED LINE: And here’s why…

In case you missed it, California drew a RED LINE in the sand this week.  The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ban on foie gras.  Which is great news for consumable waterfowl everywhere.  But just ask last year’s Christmas goose how it feels about that. Think about it for a minute. … […]

War vs. Humanity: The Liberal Conflict Over Our Possible Involvement in Syria

When it comes to the possibility of U.S. military involvement in the bloody civil war going on in Syria, there seems to be an endless stream of opinions.  From Republicans the popular response was, “Watch, the “unconstitutional” President Obama will bypass Congress and do whatever he wants!” Well, that was until yesterday when President Obama […]

Sec. of State John Kerry: “Blood and Hair Samples Confirm, Sarin Gas Used in Syria”

While the debate rages on whether or not we should get involved in the Syrian civil war, one horror has been more or less confirmed—sarin gas was used. This morning, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Blood and hair samples that have come to us through an appropriate chain of custody from east Damascus from first responders, […]