Did Ronald Reagan Actually Go Golfing The Day After The Beirut Bombing In 1983?

A couple of heavily circulated memes from the page “Occupy Democrats” as well as the page’s owner, Omar Rivero, claim that President Ronald Reagan went golfing after he had been made aware of the Beirut barracks bombing which occurred early on the morning of October 23rd, 1983. Mr. Rivero is currently a candidate for the Florida House […]

The Real Reason Behind The Republican Benghazi Investigations

Now that John Boehner and a few other Republican politicians have come to the realization that (after over 50 attempts to repeal) Obamacare isn’t going anywhere, we’re back to Benghazi once again. Good old Benghazi, the fallback red meat for Republicans everywhere. Never mind that many people can’t find it on a map, let alone […]