Conservative Economist: Trump is ‘Least Intellectual President’ in a ‘Very Long Time’ (Video)

While I rarely agree with much Ben Stein has to say, he has been one of the few conservatives out there who hasn’t been afraid to say negative things about Donald Trump. I wouldn’t call him a “never Trump conservative,” but he’s certainly no Sean Hannity. Take for instance comments he made during an interview […]

Conservative Pundit Ben Stein Says Obama Might Hate America ‘Because He’s Part Black’

Remember back in the day when Jimmy Kimmel and former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein had a fun game show called “Win Ben Stein’s Money” on Comedy Central? I used to watch it often, and it was a lot of fun to see if I could beat Ben Stein. This was before the current wave of […]

Fox News Contributor Ben Stein Goes Off on Bizarre Anti-Cuba Rant in Pathetic Attempt to Bash President Obama

Since President Obama decided to end our decades-long (and outdated) policies pertaining to Cuba, Republicans have been beside themselves with anger because apparently they think it’s still 1962. The reality is, the president’s decision to change many of our policies relating to Cuba was long overdue. These policies might have made sense in the 60’s, 70’s […]

Ben Stein Proves His Idiocy On Fox News Following Outrageous Comment about Racism and President Obama (Video)

To be honest, I hate discussing racism. It’s an important subject, but it’s a topic that inevitably gets us nowhere. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to have a real discussion about racism in the United States and by the end of the debate it’s devolved into people trying to “win” the argument rather […]

Ben Stein Makes Disgusting and Ignorant Statements About the Poor

If Republicans don’t want to be known as the party that hates the poor, they really need to stop having people from their side of the political debate make comments showcasing their utter disdain for the poor. Normally I would give some kind of introduction to Ben Stein’s comments mocking their ridiculousness, but the ignorance […]