Let Me Explain Why Hillary Clinton’s Critics Can’t Move On

Here we are, a year after Hillary Clinton “lost” to Donald Trump in last year’s election, and she’s still being talked about nearly every single day. What’s even worse is that she’s still in the headlines, not concerning anything new, but because her critics are bringing up stories we’ve already discussed to use against her — […]

Sean Hannity Gets Humiliated After Pushing Absurd Debunked Benghazi Conspiracy

With the recent release of the GOP’s “findings” from their Benghazi political stunt “investigation,” the 2012 terrorist attack that took the lives of four Americans was, once again, back in the news. Ultimately, this 800 page report turned out to be a whole lot of information we’ve already know about for years mixed with the Republican opinion that more […]

GOP Benghazi Committee Chairman Gowdy Admits Investigation Was a Waste of Time

While we all agree that the attack on our embassy in Benghazi back in 2012 was a tragedy, I’m not sure if any rational person thought that, nearly four years later, there would still be ongoing investigations concerning what happened that evening. Especially considering we’ve already had several investigations that have outlined to us what happened, all concluding […]

Congressional Republicans Move From Benghazi – Back To Obamacare

On Thursday, we watched the Benghazi hearings go from a thinly-veiled political witch hunt to a partisan dumpster fire. After this debacle that ironically made Hillary Clinton look presidential, Republicans should have learned their lesson and focused on another political issue that might not make them look like desperate partisan hacks. Then again, that would […]

Megyn Kelly Throws A Fit On Air After Media Claims Hillary Clinton Won Benghazi Hearing (Video)

Following a ridiculously long 11-hour day Thursday in which Hillary Clinton testified for over nine hours in front of the latest Republican-led Benghazi committee, the general consensus among most political experts (even many conservatives) is that she “won” the day. Despite Republicans doing just about everything they could to get some sort of “gotcha” moment […]

Dem. Congressman Evokes Reagan, Makes GOP Look Like Fools on Benghazi (Video)

To call the entire Benghazi ordeal yesterday a fiasco would be an understatement. From the sheer length of the proceedings, to the absolute disrespect many members displayed toward Hillary Clinton, this was nothing more than a blatant attempt to try to catch the former Secretary of State in some sort of “gotcha” moment to use against […]

Maddow Shreds Republicans Critical of Clinton for Following Law Signed by Reagan (Video)

With Hillary Clinton’s over nine hours of Benghazi testimony now in the books, it’s time for the experts and pundits to dissect everything that went down during the Republican-led sideshow they’re calling an “investigation.” And being that this sham of a “hearing” went on from morning well into the evening on Thursday, there’s plenty to go over. […]

The Day Republicans Spent 11 Hours Making Hillary Clinton Look Very Presidential

To call the recent Benghazi hearings a marathon is an understatement. While I didn’t watch every minute of testimony, I did manage to watch the majority of it. I’m being absolutely honest when I say I have no idea how Hillary Clinton didn’t lose her cool several times throughout the proceedings. Make no mistake about […]

Latest Benghazi Hearing Proves To Be a Disaster for Republicans

While I’m sure practically every Republican in the country would disagree, today’s Benghazi hearing and the questioning of Hillary Clinton was an absolute disaster for the GOP. This wasn’t a hearing about Benghazi, this was nothing but a multimillion dollar attempted takedown of Hillary Clinton. First, I would like to point out that almost everything […]

It’s Time Americans Demand That Republicans are Investigated

I think we’ve reached a point where enough is enough. For over three years now we’ve allowed Republicans to exploit the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya for political gains. The GOP has faked more outrage over this attack than they ever showed over the 4,400+ Americans who were sent to die in Iraq […]