Stop Whining That We Need to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ When You Have No Idea What It Means

Every year around this time, Fox News and the Republican Party really start to push their fictional “War on Christmas.” It’s simply another way these clowns try to manipulate gullible rubes into believing that “Democrats are attacking your values.” Spoiler Alert: There is no war on Christmas — there never has been. While Christians view […]

Dear Conservatives: Neither Our Constitution Nor Our Laws are Based on the Ten Commandments

I’ve received a few messages over the last few days from conservatives professing that our Constitution, and in turn our laws, are derived from the Ten Commandments. I guess this is the argument conservatives are using to try to convince people that those commandments do indeed have a place on government property. I’ve heard this […]

Tennessee Republican Wants To Make The Bible The Official State Book

When I see these headlines, I always say to myself “please don’t let it be Louisiana, please don’t let it be Louisiana, please don’t let it be Louisiana!” as I go to click the link. After all, with Bobby Jindal running the state (when he’s not off on yet another Iowa visit), you never know […]

Deconstructing the Myth of the Conservative “Christian”

I’ve made no secret of my feelings that I don’t believe many conservatives who consider themselves Christians are in fact actual Christians. It’s just never made much sense to me how a party that loves guns and greed while simultaneously vilifying the poor and the needy could call themselves “Christians.” It’s like I’ve said plenty […]

Attention Republicans: Let Me Prove to You That the United States is Not a Theocracy

There’s a line I’ve often used when describing how I feel the typical mind of a Republican works. It’s my belief that reality for many of these conservatives isn’t determined by what’s real, but instead by what they want to be real. And I feel that one of the easiest ways to prove this theory is by […]

Hypocritical Christian Pastor in Texas Wants Public Library to Ban All Books He Considers ‘Demonic’

Sometimes I really do wonder how any of us liberals stay sane here in Texas. But I guess that’s the feeling of many liberals living in “red states.” And I won’t lie, sometimes I feel like just packing up all of my belongings and moving to “bluer pastures.” Living here all my life, I’m not […]

Republican Congressman Sends Bible to Every Member of Congress to ‘Guide’ Their Decision Making

Recently I had an exchange with a conservative where I simply told them that as long as Republicans continue to try to interject religion into our government, they can never claim to stand for “Constitutional values.” Our First Amendment makes it pretty clear that our government cannot pass laws based on religion.  It’s like I’ve […]

Creationist Ken Ham Embarrasses Himself Trying to Explain Why Aliens Can’t Exist

When it comes to creationism, space poses a bit of a conundrum.  See, space is massive – obviously.  Their whole “6,000 year theory” on existence doesn’t mesh with, well, anything found in science.  Six thousand light years from Earth doesn’t even get us that far away from our own planet, let alone to the other […]

GOP Candidate Says ‘Totally in the Right’ For Homosexuals to be Stoned to Death

People who quote scripture to justify their ignorance never cease to amaze me.  Written within the Bible are so many rules Christians are supposed to follow that it’s literally impossible to follow every single one. But out of all these rules, religious fanatics seem to focus on homosexuality more than anything.  Heck, they damn near […]

Bible Verse Allegedly Drove Woman to Murder 2-Year-Old Girl and Attempt to Murder Girl’s 10-Year-Old Brother

It’s a story that can only be described as absolutely horrifying. Kimberly Dawn Lucas was arrested in Florida for allegedly drowning her partner’s 2-year-old daughter and attempting to murder the girl’s 10-year-old brother by poisoning. On Sunday, Lucas apparently attended a sermon by Metropolitan Community Church pastor Lea Brown where the pastor discussed Genesis 22, which is […]