Elizabeth Warren Sets Paul Ryan Straight About Poor and Unemployed Americans

Without a doubt, Democrats need more senators like Elizabeth Warren.  She’s one of the few politicians who I feel is actually genuine when she speaks.  Not only that, her message is that of someone who seems to have the primary goal of fighting for the middle class.  Needless to say, I’m definitely an Elizabeth Warren […]

Elizabeth Warren Continues Hammering Unethical Wall Street Tactics with “Truth in Settlements Act”

The people of Massachusetts are lucky that they get to be represented by a senator like Elizabeth Warren.  I live in Texas, my state’s represented by individuals like Senator Ted Cruz.  I — am not so lucky. While Elizabeth Warren is far from perfect (she is a politician after all) the best way I can describe […]

Ex-Wall Street Titan Agrees with Elizabeth Warren, We Need to Bring Back Glass-Steagall

It’s not often you see common sense coming from “Wall Street people,” but in a rare showing of it, an ex-titan of the financial sector has spoken out in favor of logical legislation to curb rampant corruption going on in our banking sector. John Reed, a key architect from the 90’s who was vital in […]

Elizabeth Warren Introduces Legislation that Forces Big Banks to Stop Gambling With Our Money

Did you know the biggest banks are even larger than they were before the financial collapse in 2008? How about the fact that all it takes is one misstep and the whole “too big to fail” house of cards could come tumbling down and possibly take us back into another recession – or worse? Bank […]

Collapse the Economy? You Get Rewarded. Protest Big Banks with Chalk? You Face Jail Time.

Remember how we bailed out Bank of America and they repaid our kindness by finding ways to deny loan modifications so that they could foreclose on homeowners? If you were disgusted and outraged by that, just wait — there’s more. In San Diego, Jeff Olson is facing up to 13 years in a California prison. […]