Republicans Approve $310 Billion in Tax Cuts for Big Corporations, Remove $12 Million to Help Foster Children

I think the thing that baffles me so much about Republican voters is that their own party doesn’t try to hide the fact that they’re a shill for the richest among us and big business.  Nearly every economic policy they support clearly favors these two groups, while almost every cut they push for targets the […]

Elizabeth Warren Delivers Dire Warning About the Future of the Supreme Court

Speaking at the AFL-CIO’s convention yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Warren delivered a sobering speech in which she pointed out exactly how far right and pro-corporate the Roberts Supreme Court has become — and how much worse it will get following their current path. Warren said: “You follow this pro-corporate trend to its logical conclusion, and sooner […]

The Next Time a Republican Brings Up the Need for “Small Government” — Show Them This

The role of government is one that’s always a hotly debated topic.  Liberals often lean towards “more government” while conservatives make the claim that they’re the party of “small government”—which is of course laughable. I have never understood those who see the government as the enemy yet big business as the answer. Let me break […]