Bill Pushed by Texas Republicans, Big Oil, Disgustingly Sets Out to Directly Undermine Democracy

In this country we have several ways in which we use our voting power. We elect House representatives to represent each of our individual districts; we elect senators to represent our state; and we let the popular vote within each state determine which presidential candidate gets that state’s electoral votes, which ultimately decides who becomes […]

Nebraska Farmer Humiliates Big Oil Committee, Asks Them to Drink Water Polluted by Fracking (Video)

While I’m too young to remember the peak of big tobacco’s true absurdity (“doctor recommended” cigarettes, “scientific” evidence “proving” smoking isn’t unhealthy), I can’t help but feel we’re seeing almost the exact same level of ridiculousness from big oil today. Whether it’s these big energy companies funding “scientific research” to try to cast doubt that […]

Texas Town Known as ‘The Birthplace of Fracking’ Passes Ban on Controversial Process Loved by Big Oil

Despite all the bad news coming from election night, there was some good news for liberals or pretty much anyone who wants to protect the environment. Voters in Denton, Texas, the place where fracking was invented, voted to ban the process that many claim is extremely harmful to the environment. Over 25K votes were cast, […]

Meet Lenar Whitney, Louisiana’s Sarah Palin

Climate change is real. It is something that is happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. So why are conservative politicians, pundits and the people who listen to them insisting that it isn’t happening? It’s the simple fact that you have politicians and media companies who rely on funding from fossil fuel companies […]

Drill, Baby, Drill to the Center of the Earth

John Skvarla, newly appointed Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in North Carolina, joins a long list of Republican (and, let’s face it, Democratic) officeholders and cabinet members who utterly detest their offices. We all know about the “small government” politicians, but with a few exceptions, they were just crappin’ our pants. […]

Fact: The Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create a Shockingly Low Number of Jobs

Before I get started, I hate to break the bad news to environmentalists, but when it comes to the Keystone XL pipeline – unfortunately, it’s a losing battle.  The thing’s going to end up getting built and we’ll surely pay for it later. But pro-Keystone XL people shouldn’t get too cocky, because this little “pipeline […]

Republicans Won’t Rest Until We’re at War with Iran

Upon hearing the news that a temporary deal had been reached concerning Iran’s nuclear programs, I knew without even seeing a single comment that Republicans were going to be against this six month trial run of diplomacy. Because that’s all this is.  It’s a six month deal to see if all parties involved will keep […]