Republicans Need To Stop Making Excuses For Racism And Steve Scalise

As soon as Lamar White Jr’s shocking story on Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) and his association with the KKK broke, the usual flood of people came out to defend Rep. Scalise with the same tired old counter-accusations. Over at the boundless “klavern” of racism, bigotry and proud ignorance that is also known as my local […]

Senate Cliffhanger: Louisiana Senate Race Headed To Runoff

According to WVUE Fox 8 in New Orleans, the Louisiana Senate race between Democrat Mary Landrieu and Republican challenger Bill Cassidy will be headed to a run off. Thanks to Sarah Palin and Tea Party-backed candidate Rob Manness who was one of a number of candidates besides the obvious front runners, we will likely be […]

Judge Slaps Down Lawsuit Against Democrat Mary Landrieu In Key Louisiana Senate Race

Here in Louisiana, Republicans are doing everything they can in a tight race to unseat an incumbent Democrat member of the Senate, Mary Landrieu. A Republican contender who has since dropped out of the race filed a lawsuit claiming that Senator Mary Landrieu should be disqualified since she does not own a home in Louisiana […]

Meet Lenar Whitney, Louisiana’s Sarah Palin

Climate change is real. It is something that is happening whether people want to acknowledge it or not. So why are conservative politicians, pundits and the people who listen to them insisting that it isn’t happening? It’s the simple fact that you have politicians and media companies who rely on funding from fossil fuel companies […]

Meet the Republican who was for Obamacare, before he was against it

Next year’s elections will be huge for the future of our country, and one of the US Senate seats in contention is the one currently held by Senator Mary Landrieu, a centrist Democrat from Louisiana. There are a couple of Republicans vying to replace her and the front runner is US Congressman Bill Cassidy (LA-6), […]